Oscar Maguire
Multidisciplinary Designer  ︎

Twisting Turning and the Dance of Learning
2017 | Unit 8 - Bartlett School of Architecture

Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’ uses the predictable, mechanical rhythm of the industrial machine as a framework for choreographing comedic performance. The success of the gag is tied to the precision and accuracy of Chaplin’s subversive performance in space and time. The design approach explored this year is to take the part of Chaplin, the performer and choreographer combined, but instead of constructing the gag; construct architecture.

The project where this was attempted was in designing a language school in Vienna considering learning as a performative act of building understanding on top of the sediment of successes, failures and fruity glitches laid down by repeatedly performing actions. It translates performances into landscaped ceramic floors, sculptural cores and baroque revolving doors.

Tutors: Colin Herperger, Thomas Pearce

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