Oscar Maguire

Designer based in London  ︎

How Does Your Inside Become My Inside? 2020
Speed Dial 2020
Woyzeck 2018
Tobacco Road 2018
Jakob K. Der Neue Mensch 2017

Solo Projects
Small Claims Court Catania 2018
School as an Orientating System 2018
Twisting, Turning and the Dance of Learning 2017

Oscar Maguire
Multidisciplinary designer based in London  ︎

Alex Schweder – How Does Your Inside Become My Inside?
13th December 2020 | Galerie Barbara Thumm New Viewings

Design of digital animation using simulated inflatables interacting with the walls and lighting rig of the virtual gallery.

︎︎︎Alex Schweder
︎︎︎Barbara Thumm New Viewings

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