Oscar Maguire
Multidisciplinary Designer  ︎

Alex Schweder – The Third Thing
15 January — 12 March 2022 | Galerie Barbara Thumm

Development of the design and fabrication model for inflatable disco ball piece through animation and computational design methods.

Produced the animated milk pulsing geometry for Our Milk 2022 the augmented reality inflatable, with Frank Bretschneider providing the sound and Elira Duro providing technical support in bring the work on to the display devices.

Supported in the production of imagery and animations for communicating the idea for the show with the gallery. 

︎︎︎Galerie Barbara Thumm
︎︎︎Alex Schweder
︎︎︎Elira Duro
︎︎︎Frank Bretschneider

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